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GoTrack EZ 1 Year Bundle (Sale Pricing!)

GoTrack EZ 1 Year Bundle (Sale Pricing!)
(7 reviews)  

  • Unit for $35.49 and a full year data plan for $239.50 plus a one time $25.00 activation fee
  • Track your vehicle 24/7/365
  • Works on any PC or MAC with Internet access (also iPhone/iPad/Android/Blackberry)
  • Simply plugs into your car OBD-II* port (no tools, no wiring, no antennas)
  • May reduce insurance rates (contact your insurer)
  • Displays your vehicle in real time on Google Maps showing speed and direction updated every minute
  • Shows the "Bread Crumb" trail of where your vehicle has been (up to 180 days)
  • Alerts you through email that your vehicle has moved, entered a specific location (you can build unlimited locations), exited a specific location, exceeded a speed limit, exceeded maintenance
    parameters, tampering
  • Print out, download or email (automatically scheduled) reports for mileage, stops, speeding, idling, locations, etc. for both individuals and fleets
  • Covers all of the United States (call for Canada and Mexico coverage)
    *OBD-II ports are on all passenger vehicles manufactured since 1996
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Jared Castle
Jul 10, 2014
we use go track to track our service trucks made my life EZ when it come to billing labor and we can show our customers how much time our service techs spent on the job when there is a billing question

Advantages: easy to install
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Tony D
Jun 12, 2014
Thank you so much for your help over the years. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law has reached the point where she can not drive. GoTrack gave her another 3 1/2-4 years of (monitored) driving she would not have otherwise had. Accordingly, we do not wish to renew. I will remove the machine from her car before the current subscription expires. Again, many thanks.

Advantages: Peace of mind for families with older drivers.
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John Klein;
Oct 2, 2013
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Excellent software. The unit seems accurate to within less than 100 feet, Alerts let you know when the vehicle turns on and when it leaves a certain perimeter of location and size you determine.

This is the "real deal" it works perfectly!

Advantages: Excellent accuracy. Alerts can be set so you don't have to periodically check the software without need.

Disadvantages: If you're handy or can get the car to a service center, you may want to consider the 3 wire or the Gotrack EZ plus the " Y" cable. I installed the basic Gotrack EZ and it does extend noticeably below the dash, if you know what you're looking for.
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Backyard Projects
Jan 16, 2013
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Just as advertised, this little device plugged straight into the ODB II port on our 2009 Mustang. There was a little glitch in getting the unit registered - normally it comes from GoTrack ready to go - but this was a minor inconvenience.

From the get-go it tracked the vehicle from Point A to Point B leaving a trail of informational arrows showing the direction of travel. It registered my speed every minute of the trip as well on a detailed report!

If you have a need for keeping an eye on a vehicle and it is equipped with the standard OBD II port, I don't think you can go wrong with this product!
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Kevin W.
Jul 18, 2012
This customer purchased the item at our site.
The Go Track EZ couldn't be easier! Just plug it into your car's OBD port (no wiring needed!). After that you can track your car in real time on their web site. It's really great if you have teenagers who are driving because once installed it's almost invisible. You can get reports and maps for location, time, duration, even speed. This is a great product, it's been trouble-free ever since I installed it. I highly recommend it!
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Cincinnati Kid
Feb 1, 2012
This customer purchased the item at our site.
WOW... What a tool. This device helped track the vehicle in question for months. Imported the entire activity LOG into Microsoft Excel where I was able to sort the Data Base of information. Sorting showed "OFTEN" visited venues all clumped together... Certain key times of day... Repetitive Activities essential to my cause. Also, I may never discontinue the on-line service... but it's sure handy to be able to do so if I no longer need the device, or I only want to discontinue services temporarily. These Days, it's simply a pleasure to get a product and service that exceeds it's claims. Thanks Again Todd and GoTrack
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Careful Shopper
Jun 7, 2011
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Gotrack EZ works as promised. It has given our family peace of mind about how well an elderly relative is finding his way about.

Installation couldn't be easier: just plug it in to your vehicle's OBDII port, which in newer cars is easily accessible underneath the dash near the steering wheel. In a '04 Corolla the Gotrack EZ is out of sight and out of the way. In a '09 Toyota Matrix the OBDII port position is higher on the dash and results in the unit being visible and possibly in the way of the driver's leg. Gotrack customer service suggested ways I could make such an installation less problematic, but since I bought the Gotrack for the Corolla I did not try them.

Once plugged in the unit started reporting the car's position without any additional work.

Unlike some GPS trackers you are not tied in to a long term contract with penalties for early termination. Gotrack offers 3 and 6 month prepaid service at about $22/month. You can resell the unit and the new owner can start new service at any time

I have found Customer Service and Sales to be easy to deal with and very responsive.

The website where you view location information is generally well thought out. The user can easily find both the current position of the vehicle and records of past positions and vehicle speed at each position. In fact you can track multiple vehicles if you wish. Like any GPS/map system the data isn't perfect -sometimes the street number will be incorrectly reported (but close to the correct number), and sometimes the position will be off by 50 ft or so- but if you accept these shortcomings the data is excellent.

Several people can log on and view vehicle information at any time (I did not try to see the maximum number of users or maximum number of vehicles).

Vehicle position is reported once a minute unless you manually request a position report. You can define a circle around a location (I have 6 circles: home, store, bridge to island...) that will trigger an email notification whenever the vehicle enters or leaves that area. You also can have an automatic email sent whenever the vehicle first moves each day. And you can be notified each time the vehicle exceeds a user set speed limit.

During the first two weeks of use I saw changes to the website that showed Gotrack is constantly improving their product. A new feature, not yet explained, apparently allows the user to set notifications for whenever a vehicle needs maintenance.

Although I have managed to use the product and service very effectively, I do wish there were a FAQs or help area on the website that would explain some of the information that is presented, and that would suggest ways to get more out of the product.
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